My 200 hour Yoga TTC in Rishikesh Austin Michael Drake

Hello traveler of the World! I want to dedicate the following text to one, if not THE most beautiful teaching that my experience around the Globe brought me.

As probably any beginner, my trips often started with a lot of preparation, checking on flights, hostels, possible activities, weather, doing checklists, etc. Like if planning was the pledge of the best and safest travels… maybe the influence of a Western culture trying to over control any detail in advance and teaching uncertainty was the direct door to loss, accidents, or any type of issue…Hm, where should I start?

Every traveler can undoubtedly certify exploring the World has changed his personality a lot. Sorry for the taken assumption, but I want to say proudly that traveling widens the mind and spirit of any individual, as leaving the comfort zone is a direct challenge to the entitled opinions and habits. And what a healthy challenge! So as any of us flows into the river of adventures, we´ve been confronted to new emotions, ups and downs creating this amazing rollercoaster we´d dream to ride forever, if it wasn’t for the same old grumpy killjoy money was, is, and for as long as capitalism will prevail, will be (sorry I think I need to live in a forest hehe).

I hope here to be resonating with more people than just stating my own experience and make you feel inspiration and the echo of this adventure. The more of the World I would see, the more spirituality would make its way to me. By spirituality, I mean that in a way, everything is connected, and we are all part of unity, so I should learn to drop my preconceived fears to realize EVERYTHING IS FINE, I can let go...

In the first place, seeing how many attachments and expectations I was depending on leading the way to understand that those could bring nice moments, but also a lot of pain. So little by little, this idea started to grow, and form an idea it slowly materialized itself into my actions. I would not like to plan ahead. Why not, right? Let´s go around without choosing where I go, but just see what happens wherever I go. And WOW, I gotta say those were always the best adventures, creating the strongest emotions, feelings!!

Some decide to call it destiny, and I like to see it as the random doors that get opened for me, and I have the power to go through it and see what life has to offer without any expectation. I started realizing the experiences and emotions I´d get from not planning were much more incredible than anything I could ever get from planning!!

Careful, I´m not saying that we should never plan anything because even though the dynamic and possibilities created by the outside world is really nice, we should not forget that we always have the power of making our own choices, and putting our intention into anything that keeps us going. It´s always possible to close the doors of randomness.

Anyway new daily practices as yoga and meditation made their way into my life, and I knew deep inside one day they would open the door of India to me! So here was I, with my flight ticket and my visa, waiting to see what this next destination would put on my road.


After landing in Delhi, I didn’t even have time to get myself to the visa counter that someone offered me a ride to Rishikesh, where I could stay and get food in exchange of some work. The perfect opportunity, as this random door opener was no one else but the guru of several Schools across the World.

After a ride of 4-5 hours overnight, we finally reached a beautiful valley where the energy and vibe connected with me. I was given a quick visit around so I could impregnate myself with the atmosphere. I realized some Schools felt much more energized than others, and Om Shanti Om just felt like it was waiting for me, and for lessons to be transpassed! This School was full of smiling people, willing to spread their beautiful teachings and make you feel at home. And this is what it became before I could even put my words on it: a home, a family, a place where each of us would respect and love one another for being himself, through the teachings of serenity.

I decided to take part in the 200 YTT course, as I was keen to deepen my knowledge of yoga and meditation. It really felt like I didn’t need to organize anything and it was all flowing smoothly. It turned out to become one of the most marvelous and exciting adventure life offered me. It was an everyday cycle of learning, smiling, enjoying every little instant of life, and being grateful for it. Om Shanti Om offered us 3 delicious meals a day where we could enjoy together the gifts of Mother Earth, and more than that, enjoy the natural flow. I was so thankful for the personal growth I experienced and was ready to keep the cycle going by giving back.

Life is about experiencing balance and realizing that happiness is the beautiful and tasteful fruit constantly growing all around us, everywhere. We can grab this fruit anytime, and remember how lucky, blessed, and interconnected we are. Thank you for spreading light, thank you for sharing love, thank you for making me feel and not think, thank you for the smiles, and thank you for being. I love you all.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first try of a blog article and I hope to have brought enough energy into motivating the next person to follow the path of Light, Love, and Harmony.


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