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Kunjapuri Temple - A Spiritual Sunrise View Tour

Kunjapuri Temple is situated on the top of the hill Kunjapuri 1,676m high, 7 km away from Narendra Nagar, around 31km from Rishikesh and 93km from Devaprayag (Confluence of 2 river Bhagirathi & Alaknanda). Trek from Hidolakhal village to the temple through the green forest will be more adventurous to nature lovers. The distance is 5km. The Char Dham pilgrims can pay a visit to Kunjapuri temple on their way from Rishikesh to Gangotri. The sunrise and sunset view from the Himalayan peak is mesmerizing. After reaching the temple, one can shoot photographs and enjoy the surrounding beauty.
Kunjapuri is the temple of Goddess Durga, as it is one of the thirteen Shakti Peethas (Power Centers) in Shivalik Range and one of the three Shakti Peethas in Tehri district established by Jagadguru Shankaracharya. Other two Shakti Peethas in the district are Surkanda Devi and Chandrabadni. Kunjapuri, along with these two peeth form a holy triangle. Goddess Parvati is the consort of Lord Shiva. In her previous birth, Goddess Parvati was known as Sati. She had married the Lord, but her father King Daksha was not too pleased. He had organized a Yagna, a spiritual gathering where offerings are made to Agni Dev (Fire God). He had purposely not invited his daughter and her husband. When Sati came to know of this, she was furious and decided to go uninvited. Lord Shiva tried to persuade her to drop this idea, but she was relentless.
King Daksha gave his reasons to Sati which was nothing but public humiliation of her husband. Angered by this, Sati jumped into the sacrificial fire and ended her life. Lord Shiva was torn apart. He destroyed and created havoc at the Yagna. Then carried the remains of Sati’s body on his shoulder and danced the dance of destruction-Tandav which would eventually destroy the Universe. While other versions state that in grief, the Lord carried her body on his shoulders and walked aimlessly in grief. He refused to complete the final rites. Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe felt that if Sati’s body did not receive proper cremation according to the Hindu Shastra’s then she could not take rebirth as Goddess Parvati. While Lord Vishnu was concerned that Lord Shiva’s grief would slowly cause the destruction of the Universe. They could not control or face Lord Shiva’s anger so Lord Vishnu took his Sudarshan Chakra (Disc) and cut the body into pieces. As Lord Shiva traveled her body parts fell on different places and last rites were done by the gods.