Kapalbhati (frontal brain cleansing breathe)

Savasana (CORPSE POSE) – Benefits, Adjustment & Cautions

Remember to relax the students at the beginning, end and during the Asanas as well. It is important for the students to relax for 5 – 10 minutes at the beginning of the class. Begin each class with at least 5 minutes of Savasana. This helps them to let go of whatever problems and thoughts they have been facing throughout the day. The students will set their mood for the class. Use your voice to relax them like emphasizing body position, breathing and conscious relaxation. Ask the student to put out all the worries and thoughts from mind and only concentrate breathes. As they inhale, feel that they are bringing oxygen and Prana to the body to strengthen it. As they exhale, imagine that they are breathing out together with all the tension.


  • yoga in indiaIt is best to give relaxation between the 2 postures. So that the heart beat can return to normal, the Prana can circulate freely and students can relax mentally.
  • yoga in indiaThe students is ready to go on for next postures when the breathing and heart beat comes back to normal state.
  • yoga in indiaFinal relaxation should be 10 minutes for deeper body and mind rest and recharge by the flow of Prana whole over the body.
  • yoga in indiaMentally give relaxation to various parts of the body as though a wave of relaxation moving up to the entire body starts from the toes move to each part and finally relax the brain.
  • yoga in indiaFeel all cares and worries are gone and do not feel any identification with the body.
  • yoga in indiaComplete relaxation comes with an inner tuning to a higher source.
  • yoga in indiaComing out from relaxation with movement and stretching of body left, right and up to down. Slowly come to sitting position crossed-legged and finish by Mantra Chanting.
  • yoga in indiaThe final relaxation will determines whether the student will have a positive or negative memory of the class.