How our digestive system works

The digestive system is one of the most important systems in our body. It converts the food we take into the energy and provide nutrition for the whole body. Digestion starts in the mouth (chewing) and ends with the anus (evacuating waste). there are around 2kg of bacteria in our intestine and it depends on the balance of those bacteria how will the food be digested. It is also called the second brain of the body. When there is some imbalance in digestive system, the person become irritated, can't think clearly and it is very difficult to focus.

The digestive system is a very vital system in our bodies. In order to maintain this system, we must be mindful of what we consume. In general, I think we should always avoid all processed foods, overeating, alcohol, drugs, refined sugars and we should try to minimize our consumption of meat products. Next we should try to follow a diet that corresponds to our “Dosha”. This will give us a guide a map that can help us stay balanced mentally and energetically. We should always remember to chew food and really listen to our bodies. If we can, we should try intermittent fasting or fast for longer periods of time as well. That is the reason we need to provide sattvic, balanced food to our system. It should be food that is fresh cooked, grains, rice, vegetables and fruits. We should be in a peaceful atmosphere, eat only when hungry avoid late-night eating. The diet should be vegetarian if we want to maintain the health of body and mind