Yoga for corporation and office workers

Take some motivation with you! Its time to enjoy the benefits of yoga in your professional environment, and more specifically office work, where you can now easily and daily apply yoga!! Here are some of our advice and exercises!
For a couple of decades, yoga slowly introduced itself into modern culture on a global scale. Finding its origin in the northern mountains of India about 5000 years ago, it is today practiced among different cultures; as an ever-increasing number of people find its benefits for the health of body, mind, and soul.
Yoga intends to teach those who practice it a way of experiencing life, meeting the need of bringing peace and harmony. These lessons are often represented as a specific commitment through daily application of values and actions. This commitment requires creating moments throughout the day and making them positive habits.
For all those who work in an office, it can sometimes be difficult to have this habit, this routine in the daily schedule. As the day can become very busy and even overwhelming, we want to offer some ideas on how yoga will make the day much simpler, and bring a state of peace of mind, and energized body.
So here comes the first piece of advice:
Create time for Yoga. Yes, it might appear obvious just like this, but the idea is to make it a daily routine. So every day, have the necessary time to take care of yourself in the jungle of the corporation work. Because these jobs often follow the clock precisely, choosing a regular time in the day might be the easiest way. If not, here is the second piece of advice that might help those who sit for a very long time at the desk: Listen to your body, and stretch. This is a habit for which the body will be very thankful: few times per day after a long session sitting, standing and stretching will just feel like a liberation for the legs, the back, and the shoulders. Some might even realize that they were not sitting with a straight back for a while, and this little stretch will encourage you to keep the straight posture when back on the chair.
If you really get into the different stretching postures, called “Asana”, the simplest routine is the Sun salutation (Surya Namaskār), a quick and repetitive set of 12 positions, which don´t require much space. Practicing yoga by yourself at work or with other people will create different dynamics. If possible, see if you can gather in a specific place where you could practice and motivate each other!
With the care of the body, comes as well as the care of the mind. Working in an office can be stressful and the mind will be really thankful if it has a moment to relax, to escape the fast pace of completing many tasks in a short period of time. Take a moment to Breathe and empty the mind. Relaxing the brain will actually help you be more efficient! A little break whenever it might feel good is a very healthy initiative and habit to have. To do so, yoga offers different breathing exercises to relax the body and the mind, and after this going back to work will feel even easier.
You can also Meditate (with/without Mantras) if you have enough time. Maybe the lunch break is long enough and the perfect timing to do so. A meditation up to 20 minutes will bring numerous health benefits and this habit will bring the right piece of mind. Meditation doesn’t mean having an empty mind; it can be done in several positive ways. Close the eyes and start being grateful for whatever brings you joy.
Be thankful for having lovely people around you. Say thank you for being able to breathe and feel it thank you for whatever you enjoy eating…this list can become endless. Sending love and positive intentions and energies to friends, relatives or whoever/whatever is also a positive form of meditation!
This is the true intention and meaning of Yoga. Happiness is everywhere around us, constantly. It´s up to us and the habits we have to be able to perceive it. Life is a beautiful gift, and every breath, every smile, every tree is here to remind it.
Take care of yourself. Namaste

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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India
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